Ironman takes on a top swimmer
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AS Legends Lunches go, it was as good as it gets.

Ky Hurst and Kurt Fernley pose for the camera.

AS Legends Lunches go, it was as good as it gets.

The city’s business and civic leaders watched two of Australia’s elite sportsmen go head-to-head on a 1.2km course, around the 18th hole at the Bonville Golf Resort last week.

Wheelchair champion Kurt Fearnley was pitted against ironman and long distance swimming star Ky Hurst.

The handicapper gave Fearnley five laps to Hurst’s four and with less than 200 metres to go, the ironman looked like he was going to be a comfortable winner.

But Fearnley absolutely flew down the last straight and the pair crossed the finish line deadlocked, and to rapturous applause.

Hopes are high for a re-match at Bonville’s next Legends Lunch.

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