About Ky

At the early age of 15, Ky became one of the youngest contenders in the Uncle Toby’s Super Series, winning 3 annual titles consecutively. He is also the only man to have won 7 Australian Ironman titles and is now regarded as one of the best Ironmen in the history of Surf Lifesaving. He gained the name “Killer” as a reflection of his motivation to achieve. This drive has seen him win 30 Australian Surf titles making him the 2nd highest medal winner in the Surf Lifesaving Australian Championships and now a proud member of the Surf Lifesaving’s Hall of Fame.

Despite Ky’s success on the national Ironman circuit, he still did not feel complete as an athlete and set his sights on competing for Australia at the Olympic Games. He gave up his career in the surf in 2005 to focus solely on swimming as the 10km Open-water swim was announced as an inaugural Olympic event.

Ky raced alongside teammate Grant Hackett at the 2008 FINA World Championships for a berth at the Beijing Olympics, where both swimmers had to qualify top ten. Ky was the only man to make it through for Australia placing 5th, and after 3 years of hard work and determination his dream had finally come true.

Whilst juggling the tough competition of the Kelloggs Nutri Grain Series in 2011/12, Ky set his sights on the London 2012 Olympics and was one of the first athletes to qualify for the Australian Team along with fellow Clubmate Melissa Gorman.

As the London Olympics came to a close Ky had to quickly change his focus again back to the Nutri Grain Series which begins and continuing his career in the surf sport arena.


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