Ky Hurst Iron Man Clinics


Ky Hurst is one of Australia’s if not the worlds greatest surf lifesaver. Being an ironman more than any other sport takes dedication. It also takes self-confidence, discipline, fitness, surf knowledge and many hours of training. Support and technical expertise can make the difference if you aspire to win aussie gold or take out the club championship. Ky Hurst and his team of coaches with their experience and surf knowledge can take you to the highest level of your surf performance.

Key Dates

  • August 27-28
  • September 3-4
  • September 10-11
  • September 17-18

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The Program

Skill Development Tactical Training Cross Training Time Management

Ky Hurst and the team will be conducting clinics structured as a 2 day crash course in competitive training. This comprehensive program covers everything from physical training, pre-race preparation, time management, heat strategies and specialist skill development in swim, board and ski.

Course Format Swim Board Ski Forum

Open & Under 19′s

1hr 1hr 1hr 1hr
14′s – 17′s & Juniors 1.5hr 1.5hr N/A 1hr
Craft, Board & Ski N/A 1.5hr N/A


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